How to Oversee Chiropractic Billing Staff

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Any person duly licensed under Division 2 commencing with Section of the Business and Professions Code, the Chiropractic Act, or the Osteopathic Act may be employed to render professional services by a professional corporation designated in this section…. Note that employment must be by a chiropractic professional corporation, and not by a chiropractor or DBA for a chiropractor or general corporation.

Despite this seeming legal permissiveness, the corporate practice of medicine doctrine, as well as other areas of law, mean that the MD who becomes an employee to a chiropractic corporation is in legal peril.

Chiropractic Billing vs. Medical Billing

An employment arrangement grants the chiropractic professional corporation a lot of control over the physician as an employee. Although one option is for the chiropractor to serve as manager for the medical practice we discuss the MSO model in other blog posts ,the California medical board also warns on its corporate practice of medicine page:. The following types of medical practice ownership and operating structures also are prohibited…:.

Standard of care and scope of practice concerns in the MD — DC clinical practice. A significant question when MDs and DCs collaborate is, are the patients the MD is seeing those of the medical practice, or those of the chiropractic practice? There is less of a concern if the professional medical corporation is hiring the chiropractor. This is allowed by Moscone-Knox and often by other professional corporation statutes in other states. However, the scenario where a chiropractic professional corporation hires the MD raises standard of care issues.

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The MD must follow a medical standard of care, and not the chiropractic standard of care. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device.

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This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Upcoming Events! Ben Zahasky. Email me jobs for: You can obviously see the problems emerging here.

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They should not be doing the same. I'm a member of the APTA and I hope they are doing more to support us in what we work so hard at on a daily basis to help our patients recover In Tennessee this year we received an Attorney General opinion regarding Chiros ability to use the term physical therapy and directs enforcement.

Log onto the state website for a quick read of some exciting news. I find this most interesting. This is a huge can of worms they are about to open. It seems like APTA is talking out of both sides. No one should be making clinical judgments or decision making besides licensed therapists. I hope this does not pass.

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PTs have worked too hard to identify themselves and their practice capabilities just to give it away because the private practice section is feeling the crunch of the economy. Who isn't feeling the crunch these days? RC3 would have physical therapy performed by whomever the therapist deems appropriate including AT's, EP's and others. How could we claim PT is not generic if this is indeed how we practice.

Earlier this year in the Detroit Free Press, a chiropractor who is also a state legislator stated that chiropractors do physical therapy. Many people complained but there was no visible response anything like the article full page article with large color photo in the Free Press. But which treatment is right for any patient depends not only on their specific pain, but their doctor's recommendations and their own comfort level with various options, said Stephen Perle, a spokesman for the American Chiropractic Association.

In-House vs. Outsourced Medical Billing: Pros and Cons

Guide to Physical Therapist Practice. There are 14 Chiropractic Institutions in the US. A good handful teach what they term "physical therapy or physiological therapeutics or physiotherapy". The PT Licensure Boards in these states should have the knowledge of who is using what term and which one is protected. If your state's PT practice act has not yet protected these terms you may want to address this with your chapter. I would just be sure that the 3rd party payors are not considering what the chiro and osteopaths are doing as physical therapy and thus tapping into the client's PT benefits.

Again, that is where you and your chapters need to be clear on and knowing who is billing for what. We are finding that our patients' annual insurance benefit for physical therapy is being exhausted or nearly by their previous chiropractic care. The chiropractors are using codes and billing "physical therapy". Anyone else run into this? Any suggestions?

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  4. This is to rebut Kevin's incorrect comments regarding chiropractor's use of "physical therapy" and "physiotherapy" in California. Any unlicensed individuals using these terms may be subject to civil charges per the PTBC. I hope this clarifies the situation in California.

    Beneath the Surface Chiropractic Billing Problems & Opportunities

    They even state that the "physicians" perform "physical therapy". One guy has "some" training in rehabilitation and the other is an ATC. Neither are licensed PTs! How is this legal? Chris - its not legal. Our delegates are responsible for communicating this to us, as members of the APTA, but most people don't know anything about the proposed plans to allow a wide variety of 'other' professionals to treat patients under our license.

    As of right now there are no plans in place for knowing who is trained appropriately. Please encourage all to read the HOD documents on the APTA web site - look under communities, find packet one for some of the info, or contact your state's delegate. I am so sick of everyone saying they do "physical therapy".

    Doctors, chiros, ATC's, even personal trainers!! I've been at PT for 20 years and private practice owner for 10 and contributor to the ptpac but honestly, nothing is being done. Everyone uses our name, opens pt clinics in their offices, and we sit idely by. This profession will at one point lose complete credibility and independence.

    PTA's cant work without the supervision of a PT even if they are under a physician Nice to see other PT's care about this abusive, unprofessional and illegal conduct by many non PT's. It'd be nice to have some direction from the APTA. Perhaps they should have some type of task force developed to screen for this activity and report it immediately. Perhaps the APTA should begin to take legal action against this type of behavior.

    Medical Billing Services | Chiropractor Billing Software

    More importantly they are classified by state statues in 33 states as "Physicians" excluding the use of drugs and surgery in most of them with a few exceptions. I hate it. I will be hiring a PT to do my physical therapy in the future. Chiropractic has been very successful doing this and so has Optometry. That said, I hope I clarified this a little. Chiropractic does not equal joint manipulation. There are several manipulative techniques with protocols in the chiropractic profession, however the profession itself is not limited to these techniques. This includes lifestyle habits, fitness and referral to other appropriate professionals when in the best interest of the patient.