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I booked a campsite in Big Sur, but cancelled without protest when a work deadline landed in its midst. Now, seated among strangers and barely holding myself together through opening meditation, the feeling was only more acute. Finally, I leveled with the group: Recently, a boulder had landed in my stream of consciousness. In August, after 10 weeks of pregnancy, I had a miscarriage. This was harrowing and horrific in the ways you might expect: learning with my husband that there was no heartbeat, an unexpected mini-labor at home days later, telling my mom and sister the baby was gone.

How good it felt, sitting in the sun, full of possibility. This moment was the loss I was mourning. This moment was the one I tapped into sitting in my socks in New Mexico, where a patch of sunlight on a denim rug had started to make me feel like myself again. One might be tempted to attribute all this to hormones, but Birchfield did not.

We did not, but I had done the same thing many times in my mind, always thinking of a girl. Birchfield said the baby was an ethereal being, a light that has always been with me—it was with me right now; she could see it in my field. She asked about my relationship with spirituality.

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Birchfield said I was meant to see the hawk, that it was a messenger, and this baby had been a messenger, too. She asked if I could tell what her message was. I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply, tears streaming down my cheeks. I felt everyone around me in the circle, no longer strangers, doing the same thing, holding me safely there.

Or if she actually was the sunbeam. She said that my longing to be there too, perpetually in the sunbeam, was a spiritual one. And yes, come to think of it, I would very much like to experience this connection—and my own faith in it—a little more often. This ethereal being, Birchfield said, had briefly parted the curtains for me.

This feels right to me.

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Though I should clarify, in case my mother-in-law reads this, that we still want kids. It also feels like a gift, something akin to Luke Skywalker learning that the force is within him.

New Years Retreat in Costa Rica 2020!

He just has to practice accessing it. For me, that means breathing deeply and meditating to quiet my mind, keeping the channels open and returning to places and practices where I do feel that connection. It means trusting my intuition. Skip to navigation Skip to content. The result may be a sense of inner knowing, peace and bliss, or expansive awakening.

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Trust you will get what you need, and are ready for, from this spiritually healing session! Experience a transformative healing session to create new neural pathways and alleviate myriad medical and psychological ailments. Hypnosis activates nerve pathways in the brain and natural morphine-like endorphin release — a pleasant state of relaxation combined with focused concentration. Your Practitioner may offer a suggestion to be acted upon in your life. Heal unhealthy emotions or addictions, improve stress management, boost self-esteem, regain motivation and enthusiasm for life with powerful Self-Love hypnosis!

With the help of an Intuitive, this spiritual retreats session facilitates a deeper attunement to your energy field, providing guidance on your past, present and future. You will be empowered to make better life choices and decisions with this newfound knowledge. Your Practitioner may tap into the Spirit realm, offering insight from your Guides. When we are in touch with our Spiritual Timeline, we can feel more acceptance and peace, fostering greater Self-Love. Tarot, runes, astrology, crystals, and numerology may be invoked during this deep spiritual Self-Love session.

Regardless of your belief system, there is much evidence of past lives.

A spiritual retreat actually transformed me

No matter the truth of it, a journey to a past life experience can release you from emotional pain, help heal physical limitation and make sense of current relationships. Leave problems in the past and bring your best qualities into the present. Opening up to a vaster Soul reality beyond this current life can foster exponential spiritual growth!

Learn how the constellations affect your natural disposition and life. Gain a better understanding of how the stars may be influencing your decisions and choices, as well as challenges and opportunities.

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This spiritual retreats session is about self-awareness through the wisdom of the planets. It can also shed light on relationships past, present and future. What a warm, loving environment with great hosts, safe and inviting workshops, and unbelievable, wonderful and exciting activities! You gave me the tools and the power to heal myself. Thank you for your wonderful hospitality in a loving environment of safety and trust.

The retreat was very caring, supportive and well organized. I was looking for an experience that not only focused on my mind , body and soul but also incorporated getting back in touch with nature. My experience at Western Spirit was just what I needed. The morning workshops were with Marian, who has great wisdom in many areas of self-discovery.

Christine Warren Workshops presents: Personal retreats, Spiritual retreat, and Santa Fe retreat

The other amazing experience of this trip was to have all of the outdoor adventures that were led by Garrett. His knowledge of the area and the history and stories he would tell made the time very special. He is full of energy and loves giving back and connecting with people from all over the world. My intuition could never have been more right when I was drawn to your retreat center.

I leave with a new direction in life, trusting Spirit. I am love and light. I am grateful for the experiences, friendships and growth. You provide a service unlike any other. The retreat was the perfect combination of very enlightening workshops and excellent outdoor activities. Garrett has a wealth of outdoor knowledge and Marian was very supportive in the workshops.

I was blown away by the week! You two are a wonderful and beautiful couple. I enjoyed everything about the retreat. Exceeded all my expectations. Unparalleled Experience: Western Spirit has been offering Sedona spiritual retreats worldwide to individuals and couples since Your guides, Marian and Garrett, have over 36 years of combined experience guiding people on their spiritual journey in Arizona.

SpiritQuest Retreats: Spiritual & Emotional Healing in Sedona, Arizona

Exceptionally Low Rates: As a c 3 non-profit spiritual organization without the need to profit from your business, we can offer you the lowest retreat rates in the Sedona area. As a non-profit, we strive to maintain our low rates so anyone in need of our services will choose to attend our retreats. To receive additional information, please click on the "contact us" link above and complete the contact information form or email us at info westernspiritranch. All-Inclusive Packages: Our retreat experience includes your comfortable local lodging, empowering healing meditations and workshops, and outdoor activities and tours of Sedona and the Grand Canyon.

Real Connection and Conscious Relating

Your week is worry-free and allows you to focus on the true purpose of your retreat — reflection, self-discovery, forgiveness, and healing. As a result, you receive pampered personalized service, and the time and attention you need to feel comfortable to share your individual journey, issues and challenges in the workshops.

Western Spirit guides individuals, couples, and groups, on their inner journey of self-discovery, spiritual growth, inner healing and transformation through empowering and life-changing Workshops , exciting Outdoor Adventures , and Spiritual Counseling —in the red-rock beauty and magic of Sedona, Arizona, a location voted and endorsed by many as the most beautiful place in America.

Marian Carol is a gifted spiritual teacher, counselor, humanist, intuitive healer, visionary and psychic. Marian also offers individual Spiritual Counseling over the telephone.

Garrett Lowry is a passionate and experienced outdoorsman, adventurer, and cowboy, as well as an experienced businessman and retired U. Army officer. He knows the state exceptionally well, including the most beautiful and remote spots and the best vendors with whom to work. Marian and her husband Garrett, your hosts and guides, bring to their retreat guests almost 40 years of combined research and study into higher consciousness, the perfecting of spiritual harmony, and the law of attraction and manifesting.

Their personal journey and extensive experience providing spiritual guidance and healing to thousands has given them invaluable insight and intuitive ability in guiding countless truth seekers from all over the world on their spiritual journey of inner growth and positive transformation to gain a newfound sense of deep gratitude and profound spiritual awareness!

Love needs work. May 23, Wisdom. Every seed is awakened and so has all animal life. It is through this mysterious power that we too have our being. Retreat From the Stresses of Everyday Life. Heal From Past Trauma. Transform Your Life. Holistic Self-Discovery, Forgiveness and Healing, Personal Growth of Mind, Body and Spirit Western Spirit Enrichment Center has been assisting and guiding thousands of people from around the world on their spiritual journey since Private Retreats Your own personal journey of self-discovery.

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